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Melenkovsky Konservny Zavod (Canning Plant) is located in an amazingly sceniс area of Central Russian Upland in the city of Melenki, the regional center of the Vladimir Region.

The plant's history began in 1936, when it was a part of Regional Consumer's Association. In 2004, when the business was almost bankrupt, it found new investors. The existing buildings were totally reconstructed with a few new sites built. Gas was supplied and a modern gas boiler house was built. Today the plant is provided with state-of-the-art equipment, both Russian and imported, with automatic high-efficiency manufacturing lines for the processing of vegetable, fruit and mushroom raw materials, which allow to produce high-quality product.

Since Summer 2006, the plant has produced a series of canned vegetables under Melen trademark. 

The logo is a lion, turning the mill-wheel. The lion is a coat of arms of the Vladimir Principality, and the mill stands for the city of Melenki, where the plant is. There is a rainbow above the lion, a symbol of luck and prosperity. 

The high-quality canning by Melen trademark conquered the consumer's loyalty at once.  It is no coincidence that during the first year the products got 5 golden and 3 bronze medals at  Prodexpo 2007 exhibition. Today Melen products can be found in many regional and federal  retail chains. Famous retail chains trust Melenkovsky Konservny Zavod with production under their private labels.